Thursday, March 2, 2017

What the heck?

Okay, so we've made some changes. After some discussion, Rob and I decided to consolidate our efforts and our branding to just Chits & Bits, dropping the "Random Acts of Gameness" moniker. The look will be a little different, but the topics will remain much the same. Rather than try to create something that celebrated and tried to tie in with our charity effort, we figured why not promote both at the same time? So here we are: Chits & Bits - The Blog. I'm sure Rob will hate that I called it that, but hey, what else could I call it? Seriously, if you have ideas, post them in the comments.

On to current events. As Rob pointed out to me today (which made me feel sick to my stomach), we're about 60 days from the Game Marathon on April 29. There has a been a flurry of emails, donation requests, games and prizes showing, swag for our marathon gamers (if you'd like to join us as a gamer click here) all coming in and going out over the past few weeks. Rob has been busy keeping track of everything and posting some of the great sponsors over on our Facebook page.

We had a great person/company step up to the plate and offer to be our PREMIER sponsor for this year's event. Varimax Fitness is sponsoring some of the cool stuff we'll be using to promote Extra Life and Chits & Bits in general (NO SPOILERS). The most amazing part (to me) is that Varimax is based in Sacramento California. So despite the fact that he (Greg, the owner) will probably not get much traction out of his sponsorship, he was very selfless in his giving us his support. Greg is from Maine originally and still has ties here, but to support us is a great boon to us, and incredibly generous of him. If you know anyone in the Sacramento area, please have them say thanks to Greg at Varimax Fitness! More info on the Varimax sponsorship coming soon.

Keep an eye out for more updates, there is some cool stuff still to be announced!!