Thursday, March 23, 2017

It's your turn

This week always seems to shape up to be a big one. We are about one month away from The Chits and Bits Marathon, plans all come together, details get finalized, the last big batch of raffle prizes get collected. There are a ton of things happening. We just had a very successful benefit night at Otto, a local pizza restaurant. Lots of people came, some of them because they saw the event on Facebook or heard about it from someone. Which is very reassuring, our network of friends does a great job of sharing and spreading the word. People really do like us!! We have two more events between now and the big day. So much going on!!!!

And yet here I am, working all alone. Jamison has whisked away for a Sunny four days in Florida. Spending time with all our friends we met last year at ELU. Working hard to win money for Extra Life. They are all there having fun, while I freeze at home organizing.

Mike, Dave, Steph, Harrison, Tanya, Jay, Nolan, Shonagh, Kate, Joe, Sean, Lora and Jamison. I hate you all.

Don't take that the wrong way. I don't hate them because it's warm there and cold here. Not because they are having fun and I'm working. Not even because they have a chance to win money for their respective hospitals, and I don't have a shot from my couch.

I hate them because they are in the same room. ELU last year allowed us to meet all these amazing people and get to know each other over a busy jammed packed four days. Four days that I will never forget.  Four days when I got to meet who I consider some of my closest friends.  Four short days full of Stories, Laughs, Tears, Hugs, and of course Games. Sure we have stayed in contact for the last year, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, phone calls, a few Cons. We've shared more stories and tips for fundraising. We've celebrated the birth of a new Extra Life baby (Hi Samantha!) We've donated to each others pages. We've played games online. But that doesn't quite cut it.

One of the best parts of board gaming is sitting down across the table from someone. Looking them in their eyes. Making that connection that you can't get over a screen and a headset. Sharing a bag of chips. Hell, even setting up and putting away a game is fun. And that is the reason I hate them, because I love them.

Good luck everyone, I miss and love you all. 
Make sure that you get lots of people to give Jamie hugs. The more strangers the better. 

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