Tuesday, October 18, 2016

tis the season

This weekend starts the Fall Gaming season for Jamison and I. We start off Saturday heading to Granite Game Summit. A 15 hour day of gaming. No vendor room just a bunch of people playing games and having a great time.  Then it's off to Bangor for an Extra Life 24 hour marathon on November 5th. This will be our first marathon that we are not organizing. It will be a different experience I'm sure, to just attend and take in all generosity of everyone with out the stress of running the show. Then we are jet setting of to Texas for BGGCON the middle on November. That week is shaping up to be amazing. Lots of games, seeing old friends, making new ones, huge vendor room, and who knows what else. Then when we get back we have more Brews and Boardgames nights. We are getting our monthly group up and firing on a regular schedule. And I haven't even mentioned all the new games coming out!

So with all these events and all the available games, where do you even begin when packing up your game bag? Do you take your favorite games in hopes to teach new players and get them hooked? Do you lean towards known favorites so that everyone is comfortable sitting down to play? Do you take the games that never hit the table so that you are forced to play them. Do you only take unplayed games and use this time to get in a few new plays. I'm in a conundrum. I know that no matter what I pack or don't pack I'll have a good time, but what should I take?

What do you pack? What are your go to travel games? Help! Time is running out! -Rob

Sunday, October 16, 2016

15 Day Challenge

Anyone who has known me for even a short amount of time knows two things I'm very passionate about, Extra Life and my beard. I love my beard. It makes me feel whole. It keeps me warm and is a convenient place to keep snacks. Very few people have seen me beardless. My dad has one, and here I am carrying on the family tradition. I've had a beard since before it was "hip" to have one. 

In a mere 15 days the most glorious holiday takes place, no shave November. I participate year round but always encourage others to join this time of year. It a great way to come together with your friends. Extra Life is another great way to get people together. Raising money to help children by playing games. Every November people across the world take 24 hours of their time to help these kids. I figured why not combine these two passions of mine. So I present to you a challenge. If I can raise $150 in the next fifteen days I will shave my beard. That's right shave it all off. I will start Nov 1st bare as the day I came into this world. It truly is a sight to see. If you would like to see the public humiliation that is my pudgy bare face, then please donate at the link below. It's just an average of ten dollars a day. I know that you can all come together and make me proud, and cold, my face will be cold.

Rob's Extra Life Page